Welcome to the New Wave of Outsourcing

At Boldr, we embrace the new wave of outsourcing: matching awesome people with ingenious technology.

Outsourcing is easy with BOLDR, because we operate as an extension of your company. We seek to understand what makes your company great and craft a customized solution to meet your specific needs.

How BOLDR can help your business

Our Process

Outsourcing with Boldr is a breeze. In five-easy steps let us turn your outsourcing dream into reality:

Align on Scope

We’ll work diligently with you to understand your needs,
requirements and our partnership objectives.


Let Boldr’s Trailblazers team work its magic

Our team of awesome implementation specialists will turn your
vision into concrete, foolproof-action backed by robust processes.


Define KPIs and process flow

We believe efficiency begins with clarity. We’ll work with you to determine
the KPIs and process required to ensure your success.


Let’s Go Live!

We jump in head first. Our team constantly communicates with you
and your team to ensure that there’s a smooth take-off.


Continuous improvement

Our goal is to exceed your expectations through continued
process enhancement and be your partner to success.


BOLDR is a purpose-driven outsourcing company.

We believe that great results are only possible by having great people. That’s why we treat each and every member of our team as our essential partner to success. We source the best talent in the industry and keep them engaged through a carefully implemented HR strategy composed of:


We recruit talent from a diverse range of cultural and career backgrounds. We prioritize cultural fit, then technical fit. Each candidate goes through our robust 12-step recruitment program.
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Training and Development

Employee development is the foundation of our culture. We continuously drive our team’s potential through individual career mapping, company-wide training, and on-demand trainings.
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Social Impact

As we play in an industry founded on the idea of Labor Arbitrage, we argue that companies have to do more. This propels our team to devote time and skills to make a positive contribution to our community.
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See how we’ve helped Clients within each unique service offering: