Our Core Values


As lifelong learners, we believe that there is always a better way. This belief enables us to craft new solutions for our Clients’ unique challenges.


We are the force that stimulates change. We push, pry, and question the status-quo.


We keep a fast grip on our principles. We know that well done is better than well said.

Impact Driven

We stay fiercely committed to being curious, dynamic, and authentic in order to produce remarkable results.

Training and Development

We are committed to the individual development of our team members. Each training topic is purposefully designed to advance and support everyone’s unique learning requirements. Our wide range of learning programs equips our employees in their journey towards personal and professional advancement.

Meet The Team

  • Abby Ang
    Client Services Manager

    Abby is a boardgame addict whose idea of fun includes spending hours and hours building settlements and roads. #CatanAddict

  • Jonathan Schneiders
    People Manager

    The best demonstration you give of self worth is when you fill out a job application form.

  • Jeff Ilao
    Team Captain

    Devilishly handsome with a bad eating habit

  • Erika Ison
    Sales and Marketing Manager

    Blueberry cheesecake addict who firmly believes that red lipstick is the answer to everything.

  • David Sudolsky
    CEO & Founder

    Enjoys running due to a serious lack of hand-eye coordination.

  • Dana Cruz
    Finance and Admin Manager

    Remember that time I went to a party? Neither do I.

  • John Castro
    Trailblazers Team Lead

    John is a trivia fanatic who is shy and reserved but nevertheless friendly.

  • Karen Dy
    Operations Manager

    It's frustrating when my brain remembers that I am forgetting something but doesn't remember what.

  • Kat Rivera
    Team Captain

    Kat is a self-confessed hardcore introvert and she speaks fluent silence.

  • Ryan Liwag
    Data Science Intern

    I have written advanced Convolutional Neural Networks, but I have failed to think of a one liner.

  • Johann Nery
    Team Captain

    Perfection can only mean a glass of whiskey or jazz music.