November 2018 - Boldr

Over the last 50 years, outsourcing has undergone huge shifts. It has evolved from its most basic definition: one company contracting with another to perform specific tasks or services as a cost-saving measure. Now, thanks to factors ranging from globalization to technology, many companies use outsourcing as part of their overall business strategy, while maintaining […]

Last Nov. 17, 2018, Boldr co-hosted the “AMV Basketball Clinic” with Alaska Aces Assistant Coach, Jeff Cariaso, and his organization, Titan, a group committed to developing the grassroots level of Philippines basketball. The event featured nearly two dozen scholars from our NGO partner, A Million Voices, three coaches, and several volunteers. We were all in for a day […]

The world’s largest community for creators and their patrons provides visual artists, musicians, and other creators with business tools to run their own subscription content service. Members can build relationships, provide their subscribers with exclusive perks, and get funding directly from fans and patrons. The international Platform has over 100,000 monthly active creators and over […]

Having a customer experience strategy is essential to achieving high customer retention rates, reduced customer churn, and increased revenues. That’s why it should be a priority for every business. In this episode of “Quora Corner”, David walks you through how customer service can help scale your businesses, what technologies are trending, and some tips on […]

In this episode of “Quora Corner”, David is taking on outsourcing questions from people who may be on the fence about this business solution. Because the truth of the matter is, outsourcing isn’t for everyone. There’s a lot of factors to consider (which we talk about in this video). We can’t stress enough how important […]

Outsourcing- especially in the Philippines- is a very common strategy for companies who want to scale their business. But most don’t know what it is, let alone how to leverage it to their advantage. As an outsourcing company ourselves, we decided to (hopefully) bring some clarity to this subject. In this series, our CEO & […]