July 2020 - Boldr

A quick search on Australian companies and outsourcing to the Philippines results in a Google first page featuring articles from 2007/8, 2013, and 2015. It’s telling that articles written at a time when Kevin Rudd was Prime Minister still dominate search results. It doesn’t mean they still should. Times have changed dramatically since 2007, 2013, […]

Conscious design and positive impact—these are at the core of Urth. This Australia-based startup, formerly known as Gobe, makes premium camera accessories for creators who care about the environment. With social impact as the guiding principle of their business, it’s unsurprising that even on the back-end, their business decisions always lean towards sustainability and long-term benefits. We […]

Meet Cheryl Mack. She’s the National Head of Community at Stone & Chalk, an Impact Network in Australia supporting startups in emerging tech sectors. Cheryl has lived and worked in startup ecosystems in different parts of the world, and it has always been her personal mission to help small businesses succeed. Throughout this journey, she has seen […]

The Octane AI team recently received powerful news that any business supporting eCommerce would celebrate: an invitation to join the Shopify Plus certified technology program. As the celebrations ignited, so too did some critical questions about how the Facebook and SMS Messaging Platform would have to adapt its business and service model to meet the […]