August 2020 - Boldr

In my previous blog post, I talked through Simon Sinek’s “The Infinite Game,” broke down the book’s core principles, and mapped them onto Boldr’s ethos. One of the principles, Building Trusting Teams, has been paramount for Boldr’s growth. I believe that trust is not only critical for our internal teams, but also for building lasting partnerships with Clients. Building […]

Outsourcing is a popular organisation management strategy for many fast-growing firms. It equips you to focus on your core competencies, free up time and resources, and scale your business faster. Not to mention, gaining cost savings and increasing operational productivity. But, it’s got a bad rep—and for good reason. Traditional outsourcing companies are obsessed with […]

Read the full Q&A: How Coassemble Decided to Outsource Key Processes to the Philippines Thanks to Dimity for sharing her outsourcing experience with us. If you’d like to learn more about Dimity and the amazing Coassemble team, you can follow her on LinkedIn or check out their company website. Explore outsourced customer support solutions with Boldr. Get in touch today! […]