October 2021 - Boldr

Are you afraid of the dark? Ghosts? Clowns? Our childhood fears, although sometimes may seem irrational, can end up translating into our adult life, permeating the way we do things. One example is when fear influences the way we do business. Who isn’t afraid of risk? Or losing their investments? Or not meeting their KPIs? […]

Mistakes. We’ve all made them. Whether it’s heating up a spoon in the microwave or saying the wrong thing at the wrong time, but some mistakes can have a more significant impact, for example, an effect on your sales and revenue! If you want to know the six most common mistakes in lead generation and […]

In the words of Tina Turner (but, you know, with a marketing spin): what’s sales enablement got to do with lead generation? In one word: everything. So not in the words of the famous singer, lead generation isn’t a second hand emotion when it comes to sales. When done right, lead generation can become your […]

Want to know the secret to a successful, fast-growing company?  We all remember how Amazon started. In 1994, at Jeff Bezos garage, just a few employees selling books online. At that time, this small team was in charge of every single step of the operation. Nowadays, that could not be farther from the truth. Can […]

Boldr has always been a mission-driven labor of love. A place where the personal meets the professional. Remaining Curious, Authentic, and Dynamic requires a space of honest reflection and development. Our Company, Clients, and Community are ever-evolving, but our Purpose holds true: help people grow and connect. This Purpose gained new meaning as we entered […]