About Boldr.

Boldr is a purpose-driven and people-focused outsourcing company built to help our teams, our clients, and our communities grow and connect.


Boldr’s purpose-driven approach to outsourcing starts with investing in, supporting and creating long-term careers for our Team Members while investing in the communities where they live and work. The result is Team Members who are valued-aligned from the start, bought in for the long-term, leading to world class retention.


We help our people grow by creating career opportunities for them. We help our clients grow by building global teams with them. We help our communities grow by investing and giving back. The result is a tight connection across our three pillars: our company and our people, our clients, and our communities.

Where Are We?

Our offices are located in the US, Mexico, Philippines, South Africa and Canada.
And we don’t plan on stopping there.

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South Africa
United States

Our Values

We keep it simple: 3 core values define our identity and encompass our community. To become a force for good, help people grow, and give back, we must be
Curious, Dynamic, and Authentic.

icn curious


How can we do this, better?
Our curiosity pushes us to understand the world around us and find ways to do things better. This is why we relentlessly strive to find stellar solutions for our client’s unique challenges, and constantly look for ways to make a positive impact in our communities.
icon dynamic


What new challenge will we solve today?
Our dynamism lets us embrace change, grow from adaptability, and solve new challenges. This allows us to stay fast on our feet during industry changes, providing the best possible results for our clients during times of adversity or uncertainty.
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Are we keeping it real?
Our authenticity allows us to build meaningful relationships, embrace unique quirks, and keep it real. The most valuable thing people can bring to Boldr is their authentic self. Our rich and diverse cultural backgrounds make us who we are. And it’s something we love to share.

Our Purpose

Boldr’s purpose is to help people grow and connect.
 We do this by focusing in what
we like to call our 3 C’s:

icn client


We strive to build lasting partnerships with our Clients. That’s why our teams are built-in ethical and impactful ways from anywhere in the world.
icn boldr


We’re always trying to find better ways to solve challenges, invest in our team’s professional development, and find and nurture those who share our values.
icn community


We aim to have a positive and measurable impact within our local communities. Each year, we proudly donate a percentage of our profits back to our communities.


We found our purpose when we learned the significance of giving back:
reinvesting in the communities that gave us a home and providing opportunities where talent abides, but a chance to thrive is scarce.

As we grow, we’ll continue to be purpose-driven. We’ll stay committed to making it the standard for outsourcing companies to generate opportunities, upskill their workforce, and become a force for good.

That’s our promise.

Meet The Team

Unleash your growth potential

Go after your wildest career aspirations. We got you.

We’re a people-focused, purpose-driven outsourcing company. We focus on building high-performing teams, in ethical and impactful ways, that honor our client’s values and deliver on their goals.

We’re pretty much all over the place. Our offices are located in the Philippines, Mexico, South Africa, Canada, and the USA.

Amazing! Head over to our Careers page to review our openings per department or send your information directly to our Talent Acquisition team.

Being purpose-driven means we’re focused on making the world a better place. 

We reinvest in the communities that gave us a home and provide work opportunities where talent abides, but a chance to thrive is scarce.

Our team members also lead several impact projects that help us become a force for good.

When you hear the word Boldr, you probably don’t immediately think of Boeing Online Diagnostic Reporting. But that’s where the name comes from. Technical (and aviation-related) origin aside, Boldr’s beginnings are centered around purpose, life, and connection.

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