David Sudolsky, Author at Boldr

In my previous blog post, I talked through Simon Sinek’s “The Infinite Game,” broke down the book’s core principles, and mapped them onto Boldr’s ethos. One of the principles, Building Trusting Teams, has been paramount for Boldr’s growth. I believe that trust is not only critical for our internal teams, but also for building lasting partnerships with Clients. Building […]

I planned a one-month-long trip to Costa Rica, my first multi-week vacation since Boldr’s inception. Why now? Two major reasons. First, Boldr’s leadership team. Our leadership formation is something that came together slowly and intentionally since inception. Mari, Suneet, and Erlend (Boldr’s COO, President, and PH Country Director) are responsible for cementing our sound organizational […]

When you hear the word Boldr, your mind doesn’t jump to, “Boeing Online Diagnostic Reporting,” but that’s where our name comes from. My father, an Aerospace Engineer, spent his career patenting a revolutionary design that captures real-time diagnostic information about airplane health status. The connection to where we are today may not seem obvious. His patent isn’t related […]

Boldr exists to help people grow and connect. Not just our employees or our Clients—but everyone we interact with in the community around us. Taking a broader perspective on our work means we have three stakeholders: Company, Clients, and Community. Our 3Cs. Here, we’ve came up with our year end update to share our progress across our […]

2018 has been an incredibly challenging, yet rewarding year. We learned more in the last year about building relationships, developing our people, and delivering results than I ever expected. I’m proud to be working with 200 of the hardest working team members I’ve ever met. I draw on my team for inspiration and I’m incredibly […]

Having a customer experience strategy is essential to achieving high customer retention rates, reduced customer churn, and increased revenues. That’s why it should be a priority for every business. In this episode of “Quora Corner”, David walks you through how customer service can help scale your businesses, what technologies are trending, and some tips on […]

In this episode of “Quora Corner”, David is taking on outsourcing questions from people who may be on the fence about this business solution. Because the truth of the matter is, outsourcing isn’t for everyone. There’s a lot of factors to consider (which we talk about in this video). We can’t stress enough how important […]

Outsourcing- especially in the Philippines- is a very common strategy for companies who want to scale their business. But most don’t know what it is, let alone how to leverage it to their advantage. As an outsourcing company ourselves, we decided to (hopefully) bring some clarity to this subject. In this series, our CEO & […]