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Aspirational synergy with our clients is the lifeblood of our business and resonates with the internal relationships we cultivate with our team members. That is why we are so excited to partner with new companies, especially those who share our values. Because our existing clients are eager to share their Boldr experience, our first engagement often comes via referrals. Our more recent clients were no different – and we are happy to welcome them as partners.


Kyle and Alex co-founded Floyd on the premise of reusability and sustainability. Over the last 9 years they have remained true to their design principle of solving problems for their customers. Add to this their goal of becoming one of the first carbon neutral furniture brands, then you have an impact-driven company that is reshaping the furniture industry.

Floyd partnered with us because they needed back office support in the shape of CX coordinator positions. By keeping up with the support they currently need, they can meet their budget demands and tend to the elements that make them different than every other furniture business


OpSense operates a unique SaaS platform that offers a customizable solution for businesses looking to automate their refrigeration requirements. This online system is specifically advantageous for commercial kitchens, because it helps to regulate the temperatures of all refrigeration equipment, as well as prep areas and storage facilities. Not only does this enable eateries to curb wastage, but it also maintains freshness of perishable goods throughout transportation, or other logistical processes, by maintaining a cold chain. 

OpSense’s specialized service is not limited to the hospitality industry, but is equally useful to convenience stores, pharmacies, and many other types of businesses. And unlike most IoT service providers, they insist that the customer retains ownership of the data.

At the time of our first meeting with OpSense, it was clear that they needed additional support. However, it was not clear exactly what type of support they needed. To obtain clarity, we conducted a CX deep dive, which meant reviewing their current processes, evaluating their current tools and applications, and to do a complete volume analysis. Previously, we completed a similar analysis for GasBuddy, which helped them to achieve their goals. After this we were able to make recommendations to the OpSense team about how they would most benefit from partnering with Boldr.


Founded in 2015, Aurate is an e-commerce business with a difference. What started as an idea over a weekly brunch, became a business that revolutionized the famously unethical fine jewelry industry. With a focus on quality and sustainability, they exclusively use unmined gold and ethically-sourced diamonds for all their products. By combining their ethical practices with a desire to empower others and to remain carbon-neutral, speaks to our impact-driven approach to outsourcing.

Aurate was looking for an outsourcing partner that could provide flexibility and scalability, as well as cost-estimation during seasonal ramps. They also wanted to engage with a company that was willing to supply insights into their recruitment process, because they wanted the ability to interact with the outsourced team during projects. Boldr met all these requirements and put all their outsourcing concerns to rest.


This online subscription service is based in Europe and was formed by a band of spirits enthusiasts with a sense of adventure. Since its inception, Flaviar has grown exponentially, with the United States being their biggest market. They offer select releases of the finest spirits, such as whisky, vodka, gine, rum, brandy and loads more. They also invite clients on a virtual tasting journey, which is like a tour where fellow enthusiasts can visit different distilleries and join tastings around the world.

They wanted to improve the overall quality of their responses and to expand their customer support coverage, especially during seasonal peaks. They encountered a big CX coverage gap in the South-East Asia timezone, which we were able to provide through our experienced Philippine-based teams.

Ana Luisa

As a world renowned jewelry brand, Ana Luisa has worked tirelessly to design carbon and water neutral products that are fairly priced and ethically produced. A quick browse through their product range, or the 25,000+ five star reviews from happy customers, sets them apart from most brands. Their strong impact-focused ideals, especially when it comes to their people and our planet, makes this partnership so special.

Our friends at Brooklinen and Caraway had a hand in creating this partnership. When Ana Luisa began looking at potential partners to help scale their customer experience team, Brooklinen shared their Boldr success story with them. When Caraway confirmed that they had enjoyed a similar experience with Boldr, especially with their most recent implementation, they knew they had the right company.

Their motivation for engaging an outsourcing company was not to augment their services, but more a strategic effort to eliminate unnecessary costs and to streamline their CX services so that they could focus on the more pertinent aspects of their organization.

We delight in helping our new partners to expand their horizons and to grow their businesses. In doing so, we are able to offer opportunities to hidden talent and to benefit the communities in which we operate. If you are considering a partner to help you with your discreet or on-demand projects, engage with us here.

James Fouche is a Content Writer at Boldr, an author and a columnist. He is passionate about sharing his love of reading and writing with others.

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