Boldr Computers Find New Home in Taytay Community

November 5, 2020

Boldr’s previously-used computer units have found a new home in a creekside community in Barangay Dolores, Taytay, Rizal.

The company partnered with Gintong Aral Community Development Inc., a non-government organization dedicated to all-encompassing upliftment of the quality of life. Boldr computers find new home and the seven computer units will be used for the organization’s ABAKADA ng Batang Frontliner (Ako BAtang de KAlidad at Karapat-DApat sa Diyos)  Program which is a halfway avenue for children to have free tutorials and access to mentorship for holistic education.

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The Gintong Aral volunteer staff and tutors were in attendance as the Boldr IT Team provided live support via video call during the set-up. The IT Team continues to extend technical support through a chat group with the volunteers.

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boldr computers find new home in taytay community

As Boldr computers find new home, one computer will allow three children a day to gain internet access for research, paperwork, and tutoring.

Gintong Aral will also be organizing physically-distanced group tutorials where six children can utilize one computer. Boldr is looking to donate more units in the coming weeks to help more children in the area.

Interested to know how we can make an impact together? Reach out to us and let’s do awesome things.

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