Boldr lends a hand to the Baseco community

On January 11, a quick-moving fire gutted several dozen homes in the BASECO Compound, affecting 120 families. One of A Million Voices’ (AMV) scholars lost their home in the fire.

Since 2017, Boldr has been AMV Philippines’ primary corporate partner in supporting children from the community. Through funding and program assistance, this partnership has assisted AMV in supporting its 24 scholars with personnel, activities, and admin expenses. For Boldr, this partnership and the volunteerism that its team members exhibit are essential to its mission to make a positive impact in the community.

Baseco Fire Relief 05072
Boldr employees sort out donations in-kind for the Baseco community.

Boldr believes in AMV’s vision for the children that in order for them to leave poverty, their needs must be met. This tragic experience for AMV’s scholar and so many others is no different. That is why the two partners worked together to provide support to the scholar’s family and the rest of the affected community. For its part, Boldr immediately organized a donation drive to collect items for the affected families.

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In two weeks, Boldr team members donated more than 700 assorted items of food, clothing, and toiletries through the collective effort of its employees. This was immediately distributed to the families at BASECO’s evacuation center. On January 25, Boldr’s Impact Team traveled to visit the families and to better understand what their needs are. Many are awaiting government assistance to restore their community.

Residents of the Baseco community check on what’s left of their properties, with an effort to rebuild their homes.

The team also visited the affected block and found people clearing what was left of their homes. They are slowly recovering from the loss with support from concerned groups. The local government has provided basic construction materials to give them a head start, but they will need further support if they are to rebuild their homes fully.

Boldr and AMV will continue its collaboration to provide relief to the affected families. Boldr has requested information on other affected students so that it can help provide for their lost school supplies. Meanwhile, AMV staff will continue to coordinate with other partners on donations to BASECO’s evacuation center.

Everyone wants a better life, but some may need a helping hand to get there. The people of BASECO have been toughened by their realities, proving themselves to be optimistic in the face of adversity. Boldr and A Million Voices will continue to brainstorm and implement ideas that will benefit the community.

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A Million Voices is still accepting any form of assistance to help the BASECO community rebuild their homes. Any form of help is very much appreciated. If you send a donation to AMV, Boldr will match your donation! All you have to do is leave a note saying #BeBoldr. Lend a helping hand and connect with AMV through their website and Facebook page or see below for bank deposit details:

Account number: 2351002169
Bank: BPI Paco – Pedro Gil Branch, 999 Stanisco Tower Pedro Gil corner F. Agoncillo St. Paco Manila 1004

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