Boldr’s Community Impact Round-Up: November and December 2022

Boldr Impact Roundup

Here is a round-up of some of the activities we committed ourselves to in the final months of 2022. Nothing beats giving back to the communities where we have established ourselves.

Cape Town, South Africa: Boldr and Sexy Socks collaboration for underprivileged children

Sexy Socks and Boldr collaborated in Cape Town to distribute 500 pairs of school socks to underprivileged communities and schools. For every pair of Sexy Socks sold, one pair was donated to this cause. We were fortunate to be in this partnership where we could reach out to schools and communities that were close to our hearts and in need of socks. 

We donated 160 pairs of socks to all the boys in grades 1, 4, 5, and 6 at the Lantern School in Roodepoort. Another 120 pairs of socks were donated to the Hope Foundation, which were distributed to the children of Samora Machel Primary School. Our team members also dropped off 126 pairs of socks for the Grade 10 and 11 Learners at Ikamva Youth’s Khayelitsha programme. Another batch was donated to victims of a devastating fire in Cape Town where community members had lost everything, including children’s school uniforms. 

These may be small gestures of assistance, but the smiles brought to these children’s faces are priceless. We can’t thank Sexy Socks enough for the opportunity to help and to give back to our community.
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Cape Town, South Africa: Hosting a skills workshop at Chrysalis Academy

Chrysalis Academy runs a 3 month residential program for the youth, where they are taught valuable life skills. We hosted a skills workshop and discussed the opportunities available within the BPO industry and which skills are marketable in the current economic environment. The workshop was attended by 210 unemployed young men between the ages of 18-23 from underserved communities in and around the Cape Town area.

Team members from IT, Service Delivery, Facilities, and Marketing contributed to their learning and development block by engaging with these young men, sharing their skills and life experience, and their day-to-day experience working at Boldr. The 90-minute workshop turned into a 3-hour discussion and what started as a workshop about skills development organically became a discussion around leadership, overcoming adversity, and the importance of tenacity within the workplace.

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Manila, Philippines: Sponsoring school supplies and children’s books for the children of New Life in Christ Church

New Life in Christ Church reacts to evangelical practices and teaches discipleship to the community. The church holds Sunday worship services, prayer meetings, cell leaders training, and discipleship training. To help with their mission of extending their blessings to others, Boldr has gifted different kinds of story books, coloring books, educational books, pencils, and crayons to at least 74 children of the church’s Muntinlupa chapter. 

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Tacloban, Philippines: Launching an awareness drive that highlights teenage pregnancies

As Boldr’s way of giving back to our community, we partnered with Tau Gamma Sigma-Tacloban together with the City Population Office of Tacloban and launched an awareness drive at Brgy. 51-A, highlighting one of the country’s problems – teenage pregnancies, with the theme “Kaaraman Para Kaupayan: Isip Isip Before You Unzip.” The 20 youths who attended the drive were part of the sex education discussion facilitated by our project partners. We were likewise able to give packed lunch, snacks, and hygiene kits to the youth, 20 more adults, and 30 kids.

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Manila, Philippines: Donating new computer systems to La Carlota City College

In our pursuit of supporting and giving back to the community, we donated 2 new computer systems to La Carlota City College, a school in Negros Occidental. These computers will benefit at least 350 college students and serve as Boldr’s long term commitment to better education.

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