The Evolution of Outsourcing: History & Trends

Over the last 50 years, the history of outsourcing has undergone huge shifts. It has evolved from its most basic definition: one company contracting with another to perform specific tasks or services as a cost-saving measure.

Now, thanks to factors ranging from globalization to technology, many companies use outsourcing as part of their overall business strategy, while maintaining many key operations in-house. When done correctly, outsourcing allows for those working offshore to be an extension of the home team, working different hours, in a different location. It’s been reported that in general, outsourcing creates positive firm value, and can create room for making internal improvements.

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Importantly, outsourcing allows companies to focus on and develop their core functionalities. While offshore partners handle select projects, in-house team members gain time (and energy) to take on greater responsibilities and more intensive, interdepartmental commitments. The next best possibility is that the organization as a whole can begin to make broader transformational changes, including driving an improved company culture.

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