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Here at Boldr, we ensure that our team has the opportunity, we have our awesome People Committee! We’re all about empowering every team member by giving them an avenue to speak their minds. Everyone is encouraged to take an active part in developing and enriching the Boldr community.

The People Committee is a team of 6 Boldrific individuals nominated by their colleagues to create initiatives promoting personal and professional growth. They collaborate across teams to refine internal policies to foster a more effective and positive work culture. Think of the People Committee as the voice of the people!

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So how does the people committee work?

First, the whole Boldr team nominates people they feel would best represent their team’s interest through a survey. From there, the final six will be selected based on the nominations of their peers. Then a selection will be done by the previous members of the People Committee who will deliberate if the newcomers reflect the Boldr core values of being Curious, Dynamic, and Authentic. The incumbent People Committee also talk to the interested nominees and sees what exciting ideas they have for their terms.

Their tasks involve finding problems and creating solutions to issues that come up in our processes and workplace environment. It’s not all serious stuff though since they also come up with fun and learning activities. Most importantly, the role of the People Committee is to talk to everyone at Boldr and find out what they need to make the office better. These consultations have led to new office practices and have even begun planning for awesome events and projects!

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The first batch of the People Committee started in November of 2018 and since then, they’ve drafted six policies and strategies to make the office a better place to work. They were a big part in making our move from the previous office in (address) to our sweet new office in Hanston an easy transition, thanks to their CLAYGO rules and other workplace initiatives.

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The first batch of the People Committee is ending their first run after six months, giving way for a new group of Impact-driven individuals to take their shot at making Boldr a more awesome place to work! We believe that the best people to continue creating a positive impact in the workplace are the ones you’re stoked to collaborate with every day.  If you want to learn more about how we enable our team members to reach their full potential and keep a Boldrific culture, check our website and see the work we do on Learning & Development and  Impact! Do you also have big ideas on how to make office life more awesome? Check out Careers page and check out the team! 😉

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