BOLDR Manifesto

Outsourcing With Purpose:

Setting the Bar for BPOs (Business Process Outsourcing)

A Note From Our Founder

Boldr is a purpose-driven outsourcing company. We provide our partners with high-quality, custom solutions that include Customer Experience, Data Management, and Sales Enablement. Above all, we prioritize nurturing positive and measurable growth within our Clients, Company, and Community.

I started Boldr with the goal of revolutionizing the outsourcing industry in the Philippines. A tall order, right? Well, at 23, when I moved from my hometown in California to Manila, I realized that most outsourcing companies were focused on revenue and scaling their workforces. I wondered, why not set an example of how a company could be?

Since mentorship has played a huge role in my own career, I committed to building a company culture that invests in continual professional development, honoring each team member’s potential for long-term growth. In addition to that, I wanted to make sure that we were empowering the communities around us. So, we’ve partnered with nonprofits to provide long-term, sustainable support to the under-resourced youth in our communities.

The best part? Our model works. Over the past two years, 70% of our new business has come from referrals. Within Boldr, we’ve promoted 14% of our team members and seen under 5% in voluntary turnover (compared to an industry average of 20% turnover). We’ve also logged over 4,338 volunteer hours with our community partners and supported 43 young scholars worldwide.

As Boldr grows, we’ll continue to be purpose-driven. We’re committed to making it the standard for outsourcing companies to upskill their workforce and connect their talent pool with social good.

Purpose-driven outsourcing addresses the primary failures, misses, and limitations of traditional outsourcing. Beyond jobs, Boldr creates long-term career paths for Team Members. Instead of exporting the wealth and value created by frontline Team Members, Boldr reinvests our time, revenue, training, and care back into the communities where our Team Members live and work. 

As a result of our purpose-driven approach, Boldr Team Members are more engaged, committed, and aligned with Boldr and the clients we support. As a result of more engaged and committed Team Members, our clients are able to rethink what can be outsourced: expanding from transactional, repetitive, back office tasks, to nuanced, complex work streams like drafting and architecture, business intelligence, engineering and software quality assurance, and subscription revenue retention and churn prevention.

Purpose-driven outsourcing is how Boldr helps clients rethink what can be outsourced and what outsourcing can be.

Our core mission lies on Impact. On giving back to the communities where we live and work. On making the world a better place for everyone. We challenge ourselves to face the juxtaposition of brilliant talent and opportunity scarcity in the locations where we’re located. In short, we strive to make a positive, measurable impact wherever we are. We partner with nonprofits, donate a portion of our time and revenue in impact initiatives, and encourage all of our team members to lead their own impact-related projects. Every single one of us can make a difference. Just think about the difference we can make if we all work together.

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