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    Open Positions

      At Boldr, we strive to generate work opportunities that surpass any expectations. Every team member joins with a career plan and the chance to grow within the company. That’s why our retention rate is world-class.

      Our Team Members join and stay with Boldr because they have the opportunities to identify their passion and purpose, and can start making progress on their wildest career aspirations.

      If there’s one thing we believe in, it’s work-life balance. And going beyond it. Our work from home opportunities, personal time off, health insurance, mental health care, and other related benefits are a given for any Boldr team member. We are committed to ensuring every team member is happy, healthy, and successful.

      Diversity and Inclusivity are part of our DNA. Boldr is committed to making diversity, inclusion, and equity part of our everyday reality. Our rich backgrounds and unique mix of cultures makes for a very safe and special place to work. Expanding over 5 locations with more than +900 team members, our workforce demands to be reckoned with. 


      Everyone belongs at Boldr. We encourage diversity, and all of our team members to remain their complete true, authentic & dynamic selves, ensuring that every single one of our members feels heard, represented, and most importantly, at home. Regardless of ethnicity, sexual orientation, or culture.

      Learning & Development plays a critical role within Boldr. We’re a community of lifelong learners, and thus continue to build our skills, expand our capabilities, and hone our expertise. In short, we’re downright geeks. 


      Every Boldranian has the opportunity to build and expand any given skillset, enabling us to keep on learning more about each other and about the world.

      Boldr’s purpose is to help people grow and connect. Whether you’re working in an office in any of our locations or working from home, we always strive for balance so that you can put family time first.

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