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Our clients are what makes Boldr, Boldr. Discover how we build lasting relationships that honor our partners' values & deliver on their goals.
BibliU is a UK-based edtech company with a passion for education. They have created a learning enablement platform dedicated to making higher learning more equitable, effective, and efficient for students worldwide. And that's why we were excited to partner with them.
About 4 babies are born every second, which is 385,000 babies every day, amounting to 140 million births annually. As alarming as those figures are, it can be twice as daunting if you are a customer experience (CX) specialist for a premium retailer operating in the baby goods industry.
Aspirational synergy with our clients is the lifeblood of our business and resonates with the internal relationships we cultivate with our team members. That is why we are so excited to partner with new companies, especially those who share our values.

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