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We’re a purpose-driven company committed to rethinking what can be outsource and what outsourcing can be. We currently have offices in the Philippines (two), Mexico, South Africa, USA & Canada. We work around the clock to help our clients build high-performing global teams that honor their values and deliver on their goals. 


We also focus on building our team members’ skill development for successful career paths, on generating sustainable economic opportunities for the communities where we live and work, and on delivering long-term value and results for our clients.

Easy! Head on over to the previous section and choose what you’d like: Build A Team With Boldr or Join The Boldr Team. Fill out the form with your query and  we’ll get in touch with you as soon as possible. You can also reach us per country in case you have a local query at any of the emails specified above. In case you missed those, here they are again:








South Africa






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We have offices spread all over the globe! Here’s the list of locations:

Manila, Philippines

Tacloban, Philippines

Mérida, México

Cape Town, South Africa

USA & Canada


However, we’re big fans of becoming digital nomads, so we’re always willing to provide work from home opportunities to our kindred spirits/team members.

Head on over to our Careers page to check out our job openings!

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