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A Boldr, More Diversified Today

Diversity brings in a whole new world of innovation, creativity, and change. We’ve worked hard to create a space where every idea is heard and every team member matters.

Diversity at Boldr

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Diversity is understanding and celebrating the things that make us different as individuals. For us, this means bringing together people of different backgrounds, upbringings, and perspectives who all share the same goals.

These unique perspectives allow us to reframe the way we think about our team members, clients, and community.

This is how we live diversity every day.

Through Our People & Through Our Roots

At Boldr we are hyper-focused on people. We believe that our differences in culture, religion, race, sexual orientation, and age allow us to change the outsourcing industry. We celebrate differences and lean into them, building a place to be your full, authentic self.

Located in 5 countries across the globe, we have the edge in different views and voices.

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Through Growth & Equality

Genuine appreciation and respect go beyond a sense of belonging. Rewarding effort with greater opportunity requires a more inclusive workforce among our employees that enables growth and, most importantly, allows everyone to reap the true benefits of diversity and inclusivity here at Boldr.

Through Inclusion

For us, there is no question, anyone and everyone is welcome at Boldr.

Our Values

Here’s how our 3 values relate to diversity.

We keep it simple: 3 core values define our identity and encompass our community. To become a force for good, help people grow, and give back, we must be
Curious, Dynamic, and Authentic.

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Curiosity allows us to bridge the gap between our own views and the views of others. This pushes us to ask what more we can do to be diverse & inclusive. Curiosity also allows us to understand how we are all unique and want to understand cultural differences.
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Dynamism allows us to have progressive conversations around Diversity that are a stepping stone for progress and change. It keeps us on our toes, never conforming to the status quo when it comes to diversity & inclusivity. Being dynamic allows us to adapt to working with global companies and adapt to different cultures
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Authenticity allows us to attract every dimension of difference - Age, Education, Sexual Orientation, Race, Religion, and more. This ensures that we always encouraging ideas that are different from ours. It means we strive for our team members to be the best version of themselves and do the best work of their lives.

Our Diversity Initiatives

When we talk about diversity, we mean it. Here are our latest diversity initiatives:

Boldr Pride​

Creating a safe & inclusive work environment for all LGBTQIA+ team members, keeping DEI top of mind. We also hold quarterly Pride Picnics open to all team members!​

Women Initiatives

Our diversity and inclusivity programs are there to foster a better working environment for all. Boldr amplifies all voices. The women of Boldr are the driving force behind many of our company operations.​

Cultural Training​

Sensitivity & cultural training for managers across all regions to help them connect, understand, and grow with their teams.​

It’s about talent

Not about race, gender, age, or background. We care about the individual, and only them.

Meet The Team

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