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Complete a Project

Tell us what you need.
We'll make it happen.
It’s our approach to freelancing.

This one-time work has a clear start and end date. Perfect for anyone who needs help with a set project.
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Build and Grow a Team

Our teams are equipped to handle any company processes; customer support, sales, technology, data, and many more. You name it.
It’s our approach to outsourcing.

Ideal for companies that are looking for a long-term solution with the right partner.
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Discover Global Talent

Leave finding the needle in a haystack to us. Discover and hire talent that you can manage directly.We handle facilities, payroll, HR & more.
It's our approach to global staffing.

It’s fantastic for those looking for that special someone to join their team.
All pricing models can be applied to any of our services:

customer service, sales and revenue, technology, data, and more.

Purpose-driven outsourcing addresses the primary failures, misses, and limitations of traditional outsourcing. Beyond jobs, Boldr creates long-term career paths for Team Members. Instead of exporting the wealth and value created by frontline Team Members, Boldr reinvests our time, revenue, training, and care back into the communities where our Team Members live and work. 

As a result of our purpose-driven approach, Boldr Team Members are more engaged, committed, and aligned with Boldr and the clients we support. As a result of more engaged and committed Team Members, our clients are able to rethink what can be outsourced: expanding from transactional, repetitive, back office tasks, to nuanced, complex work streams like drafting and architecture, business intelligence, engineering and software quality assurance, and subscription revenue retention and churn prevention.

Purpose-driven outsourcing is why Boldr helps clients rethink what can be outsourced and what outsourcing can be.

Boldr helps clients build the ideal Global Team required to get the work they need to get, done. Clients typically work with us in one of three ways: on a project basis using flexible team structures and timing, via managed teams operating in purpose-driven outsourcing model (our evolution of traditional outsourcing), or by working with Boldr to find and hire Team Members you manage directly (our approach to PEO).

Tough question? Not really. Our answer is our “why” which has positioned us to help companies rethink what can be outsourced and what outsourcing can be.


Rethink What Can Be Outsourced

  • High-value work
  • Complex work streams
  • Full business processes improvements
  • Implementations & Tools
  • Anything else!


Rethink What Outsourcing Can Be

  • Building global teams in ethical and impactful ways that honor our clients’ values and deliver on their goals.
  • Giving back a portion of our time and revenue to the communities where we live and work.
  • Providing fair work opportunities for global talent that wouldn’t have had access to this work opportunity otherwise.
  • Focusing on building career paths through skill development, learning, and training for all Boldr team members. 
  • And much more.

Discover more about our why (and how we do it) here.

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