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Outsourcing with Impact
for Australian Companies

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"The professionalism of the Boldr team is very impressive. Our flex team members are well-trained, professional, and friendly. Essentially, rather than just "doing the job," they are creating long-term documentation and processes, which makes it easier for our business and our partnership to grow and develop." Read the Full Story

Dimity Redcliffe

Coassemble, Head of Operations

"Boldr’s attention to detail and the level of support they provided during the initial stages up to this day is commendable. With our extended customer support team, we will be able to provide more professional and dedicated customer support. We are now offering a better experience for anyone reaching out to us, with reduced first response times and increased live chat coverage." Read the Full Story

Poppi Kuropatoff

Urth, Team Lead for Customer Experience

We can help you build an exceptional Customer Support team like these fast-growing Australian companies.

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Scale for Success with our Custom-built Solutions

We build hyper-focused teams to solve your business challenges, whichever industry you belong in. Give Outsourcing a try!

We Help High-Growth Companies in Australia with

From simple to complex, we build teams that take on work, earn your trust, and equip you to focus on the highest value things that you do best.

Boldr On Demand for Australian companies

Complete projects or experiments at a fixed price, timeline & budget. Simple and straightforward!

Boldr Managed Outsourcing for Australian companies

Take a process to scale. You can expand your capacity faster by outsourcing data management.

Open Source Outsourcing for Australian companies

Build your dream team in the Philippines while we handle infrastructure like facilities, payroll, HR & more!

Our approach to outsourcing is focused on People. While we equip you to scale efficiently, we nurture relationships with our Team and the Communities where we operate to take your growth further.

Scale Sustainably with Boldr.


Understand your constraints

Put any decision and opportunity against three constraints: (1) how much money you have to spend, (2) how much time you have to work with, and (3) what values you want to see honoured during the process.

Collaborate on your RFP

Start by writing your own RFP based on what you know. To create a more thoughtful RFP, ask your potential outsourcing partners to respond while also including proposals not referenced.

It’s not outsourcing. It’s team-building.

Think of outsourcing like you would think of building any other team at your company. Prioritise your values and culture to ensure you find a team that is effective and grows with you long-term.

Prioritise mutual trust and confidence

Openly and transparently share expectations, feedback, and empathy for the team taking on your work and representing your company.

Focus on the Implementation Plan

Creation of job descriptions. Documentation of processes. Understanding tone and voice. Auditing systems. Doing all of these things well lays a strong foundation for long-term success.

Build a KPI dashboard together

Dedicate a session to what your reporting dashboard (KPIs) will look like when you launch. What metrics will be included, what are tolerable ranges, and what are unacceptable ranges.

Pre-set the cadence

Daily reports. Weekly meetings. Monthly reports. Quarterly reviews. Just as you’ve now done for your KPIs, set clear expectations and cadences for communication.


To outsource, or not to outsource: that is the question.
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