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Our culture is people-focused. That's why our
retention rate is world-class.
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Some Amazing SaaS Companies Already Operating with Boldr

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We Help Our SaaS Clients

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From simple to complex, we build teams that take on work, earn your trust, and equip you to focus on the highest value things that you do best.

Boldr On
for SaaS

Complete projects or experiments at a fixed price, timeline & budget. Simple and straightforward!

Boldr Managed
for SaaS

Take a process to scale. You can expand your capacity faster by outsourcing customer support.

Open Source
for SaaS

Build your dream team in the Philippines while we handle infrastructure like facilities, payroll, HR & more!

Employing Outsourcing and Automation to Scale a Support Experience

"Boldr and Solvvy have helped Cratejoy's Customer Experience take a step forward and a step up. Boldr took on work that allowed us to elevate our team and move closer to the customer while shifting from reactive to proactive work. We're excited for what 2020 holds, and are overflowing with ideas on how to take the next step forward with our Customer Experience strategy with both partners by our side."

- Chad Wegrecki, Product Support Manager at Cratejoy

Handled complex repetitive tasks so that Cratejoy can scale up and focus on higher-value work.

Built a comprehensive Knowledge Base to power a robust and automated experience.

In partnership with Solvvy, Cratejoy was able to immediately deflect 20% of its support inquiries.

Our approach to SaaS business process outsourcing is focused on People. That’s why our retention rate is world class. As you grow, our team grows with you.

We used to rely on temporary staff to resolve data concerns that are critical to our business. We made the decision to move this work to Boldr, and they have proven to be a trusted and effective partner time and again. Boldr has become an integral part of our company. We now rely on them to handle even more of our work, and know it is in great hands. They are a catalyst for our team, helping us maintain focus on our big opportunities by making it simple to extend our team globally.
Steve Goldenberg Interfolio Founder, President & Chief Product Officer
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I have always been impressed with the consistency and organization of my team at Boldr. I only have to explain things once, and what I receive back is clean and thoughtful work product each and every time. They are truly an extension of our business, and knowing that they work to give back to the community remains a clear reflection of the compassion and honesty of the leadership team.
Guggan Datta Recity Founder & CEO
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As an online flower-delivery company, we're no stranger to certain periods of extreme seasonality. We've learned that we need a partner who's flexible enough to accommodate our changing staffing requirements. Boldr is our trusted partner for customer support outsourcing, not just on our peak months but throughout the year. They really act as an extension of our Customer Happiness team.
Seth Goldman Urbanstems CEO
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SaaS Business Process Outsourcing Simplified

To outsource, or not to outsource: that is the question.
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