End to End Customer Service

Rethink what customer service can be.

We understand the most important part of your business: your customers. We provide outstanding customer support at every step of their journey.
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Rethink what can be outsourced

Our purpose-driven approach means you can think bigger, longer-term and more creatively about the work we do together.
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Email, Phone, Chat

We become the first point of contact for your customers in every channel that matters.
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Web Commerce

A seamless eCommerce experience: from purchasing decisions to resolving issues.
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24/7 Support

Need support for an event or simply want to provide the best service for your clients? We got you.
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Social Media

Let your customers reach out to you through their favorite social media channel. We’ll be there.
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Need support for your biggest sales season of the year? We have what it takes to make it happen.
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Anything else

If you have a custom project, let us know! We’ll find the best way to make it come to life.

Rethinking customer service

Custom. Bespoke. Global teams of all sizes. That feel like an extension of your team and grow alongside you.​

As you grow,
we grow with you

Our services are created to boost and scale as needed, and our team members are hired for the long-haul. That way, as you grow, our team grows with you.
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Your KPIs & values become ours

When it comes to building custom teams, we take it a step further. 

Our team members become a part of your company, adopting your values, KPIs, and company culture to deliver the best results. 

We adopt your tools & processes

Before we start hiring and building your team, we understand the full suite of tools and processes you use internally. Then, we create a job description that ensures we assemble a team that comes ready to work in your environment. This applies to your unique technology stack, from chat, help desk, CRM, and project management tools, to homegrown solutions and complex or industry-specific solutions.
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Get started in three different ways

We're different because of why and how we work

Unleash your growth potential

Go after your wildest career aspirations. We got you.​

Purpose-driven outsourcing addresses the primary failures, misses, and limitations of traditional outsourcing. Beyond jobs, Boldr creates long-term career paths for Team Members. Instead of exporting the wealth and value created by frontline Team Members, Boldr reinvests in the communities where our Team Members live and work.

As a result of our purpose-driven outsourcing approach, Team Members are more engaged, committed, and aligned with Boldr and the clients we partner with. As a result of more engaged and committed Team Members, our clients are able to rethink what can be outsourced, expanding from transactional, repetitive, back office tasks to nuanced, complex work streams like drafting, architecture, business intelligence, engineering, software QA, and revenue retention and churn prevention (to name a few).

Purpose-driven outsourcing is how Boldr helps clients rethink what can be outsourced and what outsourcing can be.

We refer to end to end customer service as the full customer journey your clients experience as you grow and evolve. You can join in at any moment, but we adapt to your needs and goals to ensure you provide the necessary support to your consumers while you grow and thrive along the way.

Yes! We work and adjust to what you need. This includes seasonal support for any of our services, including customer service. In fact, it’s one of the things we do best! 


Reach out to us today to learn more about what we do (and how we can make it work for you).

Again, yes! Custom projects are our specialty. We will build a  custom global team that adapts to your specific project’s needs and deadlines. You can leave the heavy lifting to us.

Tough question? Not really. Our answer is our “why”. We’re focused on fixing what’s wrong with outsourcing by:

  • Building global teams in ethical and impactful ways that honor our clients’ values and deliver on their goals.
  • Giving back a portion of our time and revenue to the communities where we live and work.
  • Providing fair work opportunities for global talent that wouldn’t have had access to this work opportunity otherwise.
  • Focusing on building career paths through skill development, learning, and training for all Boldr team members. 
  • And much more.
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