We strive to make a Positive and Measurable Impact Across 3C's


We strive to build lasting partnerships with our Clients, acting as their extended team in Asia.



We pride ourselves on being a purpose-driven outsourcing firm. This means we're always finding better ways to solve challenges, invest in our team's professional development, and find and nurture those who share our values.



We aim to have a positive and measurable impact within our local communities. Each year, we proudly donate a percentage of our profits to education nonprofits.

Our Partner Organizations

A Million

A Million Voices (AMV) is a Norwegian-based nonprofit whose mission is to give voice to the millions of children in Manila who are silenced by poverty. They build education scholarship programs and PROVIDE services such as health and dental care for students living in Baseco, Port Area.

Boldr partner since August 2017.

Since our partnership, we have donated 20% of our profits, logged over 4,338 volunteer hours, and helped 26 young scholars worldwide to continue their education.

Learn more about AMV’s commitment to giving voice to the millions silenced by poverty.

Make a Difference


Elevate Lives (EL) is a Los Angeles-based non-profit organization whose mission is to provide remarkable experiences to at-promise youth. Activities include sports, mentorship, and cultural events.

BOLDR partner since December 2017.

Learn more about how Elevate Lives unlocks youths' potential for growth.

Make a Difference